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Basic Acro Yoga Flow

Learn to transition through a basic sequence of AcroYoga poses which you can take home and share with your friends and family. Discover the key principles for moving from pose to pose in AcroYoga and how they enable you to create smooth, fluid progressions.

Enrich your sense of play and possibility with this introductory workshop to the foundations of AcroYoga flow!

Explore what it is to practice in partnership with others and how this enhances your connection to yourself and others. Experience how flow in AcroYoga is an expression of steady, focused and continuous interconnection with your partner.

In this workshop Dieke and Sadhu will progressively build your skill-set as flyer, base and spotter to support you in finding freedom, flow and grace in AcroYoga!

Come take flight with us!

No previous AcroYoga experience required. First time flyers are welcome!

No partner necessary, just an openness to play and collaborate with others!