Kerstin Smialy panorama yoga docent Amstelveen

Deepening your own asana practice.

In these sessions of 5 workshops we will further develop and deepen your asana techniques. The course is for everyone, from beginners to advanced.
Asana are systematically and gradually built up and offer the opportunity for you to work given your own level and intensity. This will create your own unique expression of the asanas.

When we first start yoga we are very open to instructions but often not capable of translating the instructions into practice. When we practice for longer we can get stuck into some poses and we get the feeling we might never be able to perform the desired shape. Whatever is the case, this training will take you to the next level. Deepening the experience of each shape and form.
This training is both for the starting yogi as for the advanced yogi. We will build up the poses till your safe maximum.


In each session various types of asana are covered.

sitting | standing | front & back stretches | rotations | reverse & hand balance.

1. Bloom of the lotus: hips
2. Emotional digestion: abdomen and spine
3. Elevation of the heart: chest and shoulders
4. Up and down: increases
5. Introspection and expansion