Grace Solaiman

hatha | vinyasa | pilates

Grace Solaiman

Hatha-, Vinyasa- en Pilates docent bij Yoga Minds in Amstelveen.

As a fitness instructor, I was searching for a way to enhance my lessons, to find a balance between physical and mind movement. So began my journey into yoga.

Beweging is zowel fysiek als mentaal.

By joining the power yoga movement in Vancouver, I found new ways of stretching the body. Before I knew it, I was hooked on the feeling that power yoga gave me. At the end of each practice, I left with a renewed feeling of energy. This energy brought happiness to my life, and a sense of awareness of my physical body.

This strengthened my interest in anatomy. Realizing that our bodies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, I always give options in my classes. Sometimes, I even have options for the options. I believe that yoga is for everyone, young and old alike. Giving each person the time and the space to deepen in the pose.

When I came to the Netherlands I was saddened to discover that many of the gyms were not offering yoga classes. With the help and support of my local gym, I started to share my love for power yoga with the members. Thus began my Dutch yoga journey; I started to teach power yoga at several local gyms. Through this, I came into the world of Pilates, which expanded my knowledge.

I started to search for a place to deepen my yoga practice.

My search brought me to Yoga Minds. At Yoga Minds I discovered the deeper meaning of yoga, how yoga is more than physical movement. This awareness started my path of self-discovery and self-awareness. As a graduate of Yoga Minds Academy, I was honoured to be asked to join the team.

I would like to invite you, to join me, in experiencing the feeling yoga can give you.

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