Biodanza Introduction Workshop

This workshop is a great opportunity to come along and experience a little of what Biodanza is like. This will be a taster session. To get the full benefits of Biodanza, attending a regular group is needed.

Nanja Wesselingh

But what is Biodanza?

t is like chocolate, difficult to describe, you have to experience it.

It is a system of human development which uses dance and exercises to amazing world music.  There are no steps to learn. It is suitable for all ages and abilities. All you need are clothes which are comfortable to move in. We dance on bare feet. Each exercise is explained and then it is up to you to just do your own dance/movement, inspired by the music.

It was created in the 60’s by Rolando Toro in Chile. This is how he describes it.

“The word Biodanza has 2 parts, Bios = Life and danza meaning meaningful movement. So Biodanza is the possibility of dancing our own lives, of bringing music, rhythm, harmony and emotion into our communities and personal lives”

What benefits can Biodanza give you?

It’s fun and you feel really great and happy
It can boost your self-esteem and self confidence
It can boost your immune system and give you more vitality
It is a medicine for life, reducing stress and increasing wellbeing

About Sheila

I started going to Biodanza classes over 20 years ago. After my first class I felt like I had arrived home. I did my teacher training at the Utrecht school of Biodanza in 2010-2012. 2 years ago I did a further training to become a didactic teacher.

Biodanza has taken me all over the world. Through Biodanza I met my present husband and ended up moving to the Netherlands in 2010 to be with him.

I am a massage therapist and reflexologist at Massage Minds. Previously I was a qualified nurse and children’s nurse. I taught exercise and movement classes and I ran a preschool play group.

I have 3 grown up sons and one grandson.

Sunday November 7th November 2021

16:00 - 18:00 hrs

Feel free in your body again


€ 25,-

No experience needed, every BODY is welcome!

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