yoga nidra amstelveen workshop

Yin Yoga Masterclass. Introduction into a deeper Yin Practice. 

Yoga Minds is Amstelveen is offering a Masterclass Yin Yoga. Get to understand the fundamentals of Yin Yoga. Deepen your experience. Get introduced into the world of Yin Yoga.

In this workshop we look at the differences between Yin and Yang qualities and how those differences influence our lives. We will look at different body structures and we will introduce the 12 meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Which are an important fundament of Yin Yoga.

For who is this training?

This training is for everyone who wants an introduction into Yin Yoga and for those who would like to deepen their experience of Yin Yoga.  It's also for people who are interested in the Yin Yoga Teacher training.

Yin Yoga teacher training.

The Yoga Minds Academy is offering a 100 hrs Yin Yoga Teacher training starting January 25th 2020. Registered with the World Yoga Alliance. In this workshop you get to know the teacher and you’ll get an introduction of the knowledge being transmitted during the training.

At the end of the masterclass there will be time to ask some questions about the training and Anouk will take the time to explain some more about the contents of the training.
Anne Soffer Vinyasa en Hatha Yoga Docent Amstelveen

Anouk Wiegman


Zondag 8 December 2019


14:00 - 17:00

17:00 - 17:30
Questions YMA YIN TTC


€ 45,-

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