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Unbind the breath | Letting go of the controls

Letting go of the controls

Pranayama is often translated as controlling the breath. Referring to the word Yama. To control. But often forgotten is that we can also find the word Ayama in Prana – ayama. Which is the exact opposite.

So learning to control the breath is one thing. But to unravel were we can and were we can’t control is another. Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way. This weekend is about letting go of the controls.

Join us for a lovely weekend to unbind and unwind.

The weekend will be from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon. With lots of Yoga. Healthy food. Swimming and sweating.

Private bathroom Extra € 450,- | Private bathroom € 425,- | Shared bathroom € 395,- | Small room € 365,- | Economy room € 335,-

Prices include meals and drinks.
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