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Ja, ik ben geïnteresseerd in de Yoga Minds Academy Teacher Training. Neem contact met mij op.

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Ruby Amsen

Hatha-, en Vinyasa Yoga docent bij Yoga Minds in Amstelveen.

I was that kid that went crazy seeing a green field of grass, a meadow, a big backyard or playground and just couldn’t help myself rolling in, doing handstands, backbends or cart wheels for hours all by myself.
My wish was to become a gymnast, or dancer as all girls in school attended those classes. Unluckily there was no budget for classes, so I got Roller Skates and started being silly and dancing on wheels.

My dream was to become a dancer or a gymnast, I got on rollerskates instead.

Regularly people said; “You should do Yoga, you are so flexible”
I never got that, as yoga to me was sitting still for hours in a cross-legged seat, dressed in a white outfit...and sitting still was just not possible for me. What did I know?!

Then you get older, getting to know the high’s and low’s of life and suddenly there was this urge to find out more about Yoga.
Of course I saw pictures online of Yogi’s in striking poses and I always had to try them and nail them down. What a great journey to learn that this is not at all what yoga is about.

Submitted to some yoga classes in Gyms and yoga studios...but never finding that particular class that resonated with me, until my first try out at Yoga Minds.
It blew my mind!

Breathing exercises, connecting breath with movement, explaining good posture, awareness, feeling, connecting, meditation and gradually progress to advanced asanas.
I cried my first Savasana experience, turning focus inwards, letting all flow free inside and be open to feel all that and getting a full body workout at the same time!

I cried during my first savasana experience, the first time I could actually let go.

Now I can't imagine life without practicing yoga. I passed my exam to teach Hatha and Vinyasa at Yoga Minds and can’t wait to apply all I’ve learned combined with all I knew. 

Really looking forward to meet you on mat, Ruby

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