Anouk Ratinha Wiegman

Hatha- and Yin Yoga teacher at Yoga Minds Amstelveen.
I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed. My first yoga lesson ever was at the festival Lowlands. It was a nice summer morning and with pain in my head from partying – forgive me, I was still a young student of 19. I stepped on the mat. The teacher was dressed in white, she had a soft voice. With her kindness she guided us from asana to asana. Slowly, with each deep breath out true my nose, my headache vanished.
The moment I came home from the festival, I went on the internet and asked friends if they knew a yoga school that would teach the same kind of yoga as the lady from Lowlands.
Since my first experience at Lowlands, I have been practicing yoga anywhere where I would live. I tried and still try many styles like Vinyasa, Bikram, Asthanga or Iyenger. As much as I enjoy it all, Hatha always feels like coming home. .
Yoga helped me learn to accept and love myself and my body. As a teenager I was rough to her, treating her unfair like teenagers can. With help of yoga, her wisdom in meditation, her philosophy, her asana’s and specially with her help of breathing exercises, I came in deep contact with my body.
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