Jelena Lazovic

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher at Yoga Minds in Amstelveen.

As I learned to relax and started to listen within, Yoga softened my edges and helped me to be more present and aware of myself inside out. I began to appreciate the balance between the movement and stillness, between effort and ease that asana holds.

As I learned to notice my breath and use it along the movement, I realized that my Yoga mat is a place to find a sense of contentment, self awareness and mind and body connection. 

Since I can remember I felt the need to move. It was always very clear that movement makes me feel better. Most of my crises were solved during walks, runs or training. 

All my explorations with kickboxing, running, and not limited to dancing led me to discover Yoga. 

Since I can remember I felt the need to move.

My Yoga journey started around fifteen years ago when I started my-self-discovery through Reiki and Mindfulness.

Searching for more sophisticated movements, I found Yoga and first fell in love with the physical aspect. It took me a while to get to know the other aspects of Yoga.  

Yoga is not just a physical thing.

Curiosity about that mind-body-movement bond led me further to Yoga teacher training. At the time when I started teacher training in Yoga Minds, I mostly hoped to deepen my practice, however the more I've learned and grown as a yogi, the more my intention turned to teaching and sharing the practice I love with others.   

Practicing teaching opened me up and gave me courage to accept my true colors. It pushed me to show up on Yoga mat even when I felt that I'm not ready, to follow my intuition and be creative in trying to share what I've learned through my Yoga journey. 

Being aware that everyone is on a different path, and that yoga is never “one size fits all” practice, my aim is to provide Yoga classes that are accessible to everyone.

I hope to see you soon on the mat.

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