Karin Oude Weernink

Hatha Yoga Teacher at Yoga Minds

In my quest about what I want to do in life, all that’s been buzzing through my head in the past fifteen years is: I want to help people find a place in the world, give them a voice, and help people see other people’s value. 

Calmness is not the opposite of action.

Professionally this was a struggle, even in fields where we’re in my opinion naturally supposed to listen to peoples views, such as in healthcare, it just didn’t work for me. I started to realize this desire came from my own desire deep within, to be heard, to have a voice, to be valued. 

In later years, an extra layer developed: if it’s so hard for the world to hear people and translate this into an improvement in their lives, then at least what I want to do is just help them relax a little. Create moments of stillness, reflection and breath awareness. That which yoga had given to me over the years, I wanted to share with others. 

When I started the Yoga teacher training at Yoga Minds, I found that through teaching I had given myself a voice to be heard.

In my classes I try to touch this balance and harmony between this desired relaxation and the pleasure to challenge yourself. Even the simplest poses can be hard, and the fancy looking poses can be (come) effortless. Join me explore yourself!

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