Puspalata Sahu

Hatha- and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher at Yoga Minds

I am trained and educated by Dr. Olav Aarts, Anne Soffer and Olivier Soffer from the Yoga Minds Academy in the Netherlands and from my father in India since childhood. I have profound knowledge of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha and chakra philosophy.

Tradition and science meet in Yoga.

At Yoga Minds I am going to teach a Hatha and Vinyasa mix class for all levels. Sometimes the class will be more classical Hatha and sometimes it will be charged with Vinyasa aspects.

Yoga has been a part of my life since my childhood, but my practice has been inconsistent due to my studies and my earlier profession in the software industry. But always practicing Yoga helped me growing stronger, flexible and gifting myself a healthy body. Through out my life Yoga had always been my hidden passion and had never imagined it to take it as a profession.

After moving with my family here in the Netherlands, I decided to teach yoga here and spread the word of Yoga and learn more from the Yoga world. So, was my decision to take up the teacher training from Yoga Minds and met such amazing teachers at Yoga Minds Academy. Gradually, started following the regular classes of my teachers to understand how the western anatomy links with traditional Yoga. In this process I started also learning more about my own body by doing a self-inquiry. Going forward in my Yoga career I will like to learn more about the Yoga philosophy and anatomy so as to keep going the process of Svadhyaya.

I always practice yoga and send love to myself on my every inhalation and send love to someone else on my every exhalation.
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