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Anne Soffer

Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Toegankelijke Yoga and Yoga Nidra at Yoga Minds Amstelveen. Lead Teacher at the YMA.

Before I started the practice of yoga, I have been practicing classical and modern dance. From my youth onwards, I could always very clearly feel the effect of physical movement on my whole being. In my early twenties I discovered yoga and at first it reminded me of dancing. But as in dance, the focus is more external, in Yoga it’s all about what’s inside.

"The mind and body are not connected,
they are the same thing".

-Amy Matthews, Embodied Asana

The practice of Yoga is our way in. Unraveling whatever it is that's in our way to experience what is already there, our wholeness and it’s full potential. Life is movement, it is forever dynamic. My greatest gift of Yoga is the guts it gave me. The spirit to dare to be aware on it’s ebbs and flows. This is a great life intensifier on all the planes.
I warmly invite you to join my classes, and get to know yourself a bit better.

Anne is a 1000+ hr registered Yoga Teacher at the IYN Independent Yoga Network.In 2016 she finished the Advanced Yoga Anatomy training with Leslie Kaminoff and she participated in the Anatomy Trains in Motion course with Karin Gurtner. In 2017 she attended Leslie Kaminoff’s Advancing Therapeutic Education weekend in Germany. Anne holds a Bachelor Course Credit in both Anatomy & Physiology. In 2018 she took part in Dr. Thomas Myers Body Reading Masterclass. In 2019 she completed the course “What's the fuzz?” by Gil Hedley, Ph.D. In 2020 Anne participated in Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen's summer series 1&2. She visited diverse spiritual teachers such as Sogyal Rinpoche, Amma, Jeff Foster, Daniel Odier and many more. She occasionally writes yoga related articles for Yogi Times and Elephant Journal. In 2021 Anne participated in the dissection course “Anatomy Inside The Upper Extremity” in the Amsterdam UMC led by  Karl Jacobs MSc.  In January 2022 she finished her Floor Barre teacher training course. In March she completed the Body Mind Centering module Primitive Reflexes, Righting Reactions and Equilibrium Responses (42hrs) from Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in Italy led by Gloria Desideri.

According to Anne, being a teacher of Yoga implies being a constant student of Yoga.
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