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Olinda Larralde Ortiz

Hatha-, en Vinyasa Yoga docent bij Yoga Minds in Amstelveen.
About my classes.

There is a magnificent instrument to experience the fullness of everything that exists.

The human body. This fullness is nothing other than pure beauty and truth, and it can only be perceived through the whole body. In my yoga lessons we train our whole bodies to become more receptive to attunement. An attunement to the balance between silence and expression.

We do this through asana sequences based on what is nowadays called Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. We integrate mild breathwork and every class includes a meditative attitude. A reflection or insight will be spoken and explored throughout the practice. Sometimes, this reflection will be sourced out of eastern scriptures, philosophies, or one of the great spiritual masters; some other times it will be a poem, a literary fragment or a particular idea of my own.

Every class is, in any case, a playful practice of inspiration.
About me.

A mother of two boys and theater artist who acts, writes, directs and produces plays, mainly in Mexico and The Netherlands. I have explored theater since childhood and now fully realize that, as in every art, there has been yoga there all along! One day I realized that all I have ever been doing on stage and in my writing notebook, has been practicing spiritual attunement. I thought I wanted to be more or less “normal” when I was a girl, yet truly, I have always been a funny, dreamy, mystical child. 

Acquainted with yoga since the age of twelve, but a regular practitioner for the last fifteen years, I have been attending Yoga Minds for ten years now.

My entire childhood and adult life have involved movement, art and nature.

I completed my 300-hour Teacher Training course at Yoga Minds almost a year ago and have been teaching at two locations ever since. Ihave found that sharing my experience of Yoga as a teacher is not only enormously enriching and joyous but it is in fact a responsibility. It is my duty to pass on the great blessing of having had a life-long access to methodologies and practices that help alignment in such an assertive way.

It is an honor and delight to now teach at this my very dear home for asana sequence practice: Yoga Minds. Here, my dear asana teachers Anne, Olav and Olivier have taught me so much, supported and inspired me constantly for years and years. And it is this very place that serendipitously served as that sacred haven for the life-changing encounter with my spiritual Teacher, Igor Kufayev ~ Vamadeva, in January 2015. Will I ever be able to completely retribute these inconceivable gifts?

May you too find your way to the delight of your own being!

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