Svadya Yoga. Who am I? Find the answer and find inner peace. Enlightenment is already the case.

The basic principle of our teachings derive from Svadyaya or self inquiry. Svadyaya stems from Patanjali’s eight fold path of yoga as one the the Niyama’s or virtuous observations.
Svadya means The Ultimate Truth and also To Be Tasted
In our Shala we focus on self realization. The root question is: WHO AM I? In many Hatha Yoga movements the student has to go trough series of practises (sadhana) and purifications, physically, mentally and emotionally before the student is ready for the giant leap. Svadya Yoga approaches the awakening from a different angle. Instead of working your way step-by-step towards the desired goal, we go directly to the root of all suffering. This root of all suffering according to us, is the identification with a separate individual.

Svadhyaya, self enquiry and the study of the scriptures.

When you find the answer to the question WHO AM I, this identification falls away. Vanishes. This whole idea of being a separate individual dissolves.
Imagine a river flowing endlessly... Picture that some of the water would solidify and form an ice cube. This ice cube now is floating in the river under the illusion that it is separate from the rest of the water. But downstream, it melts again into the river. This ice cube was one with the river all the time. But it assumed to be a sole object from the rest of the river.
Of course we practise asana, Pranayama, Bandhas and Mudras. We discuss the scriptures such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and many more. But we do not use them as the definite guide, with the promise of a better life. What you get to learn or better said unlearn at Yoga Minds, is what can unravel life’s illusions and the creation of suffering. In this unraveling you get to see that nothing is permanent.Everything around you is constantly changing, as do your mental, emotional and physical states. With this insight, you will see that sadness and suffering are not the opposites of joy and happiness,but way more two sides of the same coin. That true joy can only arise when there is also room for deep sadness. That you need both sidesto experience both sides. And that you are just the space in which all these things arise and fall..
How could you experience bliss if it was all there is ?
So, at our Shala, we don’t believe in the fairy tale of enlightenment. We believe in the direct experience of this truth. Not just understanding this truth with your mind, conceptualizing it, but feeling this truth deeply in your whole being. From this, deep rest arises, peace arises. Life should be tasted. You can only know and understand life if you life it.

Not liberation for the person. Liberation from the person :-)


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