Teacher training

Yes, I am interested in the Yoga Minds Academy Teacher Training. Please contact me.

1000 tekens over



Membership | 4 classes per month

Price per month for 4 classes each month to all our yogaclasses. Minimum 12 Months.

Unlimited Membership

Price per month for unlimited acces to each all our yogaclasses. Minimum 12 Months.

Unlimited Membership | 3 months valid

Unlimited acces to all our yogaclasses for three months. Ends automatically.

Trail Card. 3 classes

This card is for first timers. Try three classes. Valid for four weeks.

10 Yoga Classes

This card is valid for 4 months. Holidaystop possible.

20 Yoga Classes

This card is valid for 6 months. Holiday stop possible.

Single Class

Everybody is welcome at Yoga Minds. This is the best option for visitors.

Practice Yoga in your own time.

In our Yoga Studio in Amstelveen it is about freedom. Pick your own style. Are you a full time yogi. Pay only €49,- a month for unlimited classes all year round. Don't know for sure yet. Try a three month membership for €65,- first. Or be completely free and purchase a 10 class card and come whenever you feel like it.

Get started at Yoga Minds Amstelveen ?

Just click the button ' Become a member'. This is our reservation system. Buy your Trial card here and book your first class. If you are not a DigiWizzard than just drop in for any class of your choice, be there 10 minutes ahead of class so we can help you out.
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