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Certified Yoga Teacher Training in Amstelveen. Amsterdam area, Netherlands. 300 hrs.

The Yoga Minds Academy has been around for 6 years.

The Yoga Minds Academy is a 300 hrs Teacher Training Program. The Yoga Minds School is located in the centre of Amstelveen, Amsterdam area. Free parking, next to a major busstation and close to the subway. It is a Teacher training program for both Hatha- and Vinyasa Yoga. Our training is registered at The World Yoga Alliance. The program distinguishes itself from other programs as it focusses on self realization. Our aim is to create authentic teachers. To realize this we have Tantra, Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and Non Duality infused in our program.

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Who am I.

The path to authenticity as a yoga teacher and human being.

With this infusion we intent to move beyond common topics of training programs. At the Yoga Minds Academy the main principle is Svadyaya, study of the Self (originating from the Yamas and the Niyamas). This basic fundament permeates all the other topics of our program. During the Anatomy classes we stimulate you to find your own anatomical uniqueness and develop an eye for your future students’. In our Yoga Philosophy classes we encourage you to find clarity about who you truly are.

For who is this Yoga Teacher Training ?

Considering the above, this training is not only for those who would want to teach but also for everyone who wants to deepen his or her practice and knowledge about yoga. Being the most bendy one in yoga class is absolutely not a necessity to join our program. Are you ready to give up your beliefs about yourself and open up to the true wonder of life ? Are you willing to put 100% effort into your practice ? Then the most important ingredients to participate in our program are present!

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Small groups, personal attention.

We work with small groups, so there is lots of personal attention for all our trainees. Each group has there own mentor to guide every participant on his or her inward journey. There will be team meetings and private sessions with your mentor when needed. The teams are the perfect place to share your adventures of your personal path.

Who is teaching ?

The main teachers are Olav Aarts, Olivier Soffer and Anne Soffer. Supported by Eelco Roovers and some guest speakers. Why such a big team ? They all have their specialty. And as our training is approved to educate both Vinyasa krama and Hatha Yoga Teachers more expertise is needed.


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Cost : € 2.350,- ex. V.A.T.
300 hrs Teacher Training


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From 18-02-2019. Parking on the blue zone ( 2 hrs) on the Mr Troelstralaan 9 t/m 31or unlimted time with your license plate number upon arrival for €0,25 per hour.

Certified Yoga Teacher Training




- Svadhyaya | self enquiry
- How to teach authentic
- knowledge of the Asanas
- Yoga Anatomy
- Adjustment and alignment
- Yoga Nidra 
- Meditation
- Teaching skills
- Yoga philosophy 
- Yoga History 
- Vinyasa Yoga
- Traditional Hatha Yoga
- Ayurveda 
- Non Dualism | Advaita Vedante
- Matrix of the chakras
- Pranayama

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