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Yoga Minds Academy Certified Yoga Teachers.

The Yoga Minds Academy was founded in 2014.

The Yoga Minds Academy aspires for their students to become authentic teachers. We challenge our students to continuously practice Svadhyaya, "Self Inquiry. Doing so, they validate all the teachings we offer, continually asking themselves: Who am I? What does this mean for me? Rather than blindly accepting ideas, concepts, and meaning stated by others, we encourage our students to discover their own truth. 

Whether we offer studies in yoga anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy, teaching skills, asana, pranayama, alignment or adjusting and assisting, we always encourage our trainees to sustain the practice of Self Inquiry. This is our foundation.

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     Yoga Minds Academy

Hatha- en Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training.

Wil je ook Yoga docent worden of wil je jouw yoga ervaring verdiepen? Misschien is de Hatha-, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training iets voor jou.

Yin Yoga Training

We bieden ook een 100 uur Yin Yoga training. Lees hier meer over de Yin Yoga training.

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