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Teacher Training - English Reviews

"The breath always shows you the truth and liberates you when you are aware of her."

My profound insight is what the breath is doing while I am living my life. To stop and just become aware of your breath. What this means off your mat and on. It sounds simple and it is, but many of us haven't been taught how we should become aware of our breath. That our movements are in tune with the fluctuations of our mind to the rhythm of our breath. This is something I will continue to take with me throughout my life. What is my breath saying? This brings calmness and a state of mind where I feel everything is as it should be.

And of course, my yoga has deepened and I have a greater understanding of why I do yoga, which is most valuable. A BIG thank you to the teachers on the course!
Saskia Dittmair
Teaching one time a week.

"I found clarity about the perfection of the present moment in good and bad days."

My most profound insight is the simplicity of freedom of expectations. I have found clarity in life, what to expect and also the clarity of the perfection of the present moment, no matter what. This has given me more relaxation, joy and acceptance. A new world has opened up for me, a world that this teacher training gives the stepping stones for me to be able to step into. Now that I have stepped in, I cannot wait to explore, wander and enjoy.

I loved how the teachers in this training are devoted and in love with yoga in all its aspects and how they are able to pass this on without putting their own preferences first. There is a lot of freedom in finding your own way, in a very safe and well guided environment.
Mieneke Zijlmans - Dijkema
Teaching one time a week.

"They challenge you to find your own truth. A truth we cannot find in books."

I'm grateful for the teachings that I received at the Yoga Minds Academy. What I really like about the academy is the dedicated and devoted teachers, who come in so many flavors. They are all so different, and have so many knowledge. Because they are all living they're own truth and not something dogmatic, learned from only books, they allow and invite you to live and explorer your own truth. The Yoga Minds Academy is very practical and really helps and supports you to find your own, unique way and style of teaching. Now I'm teaching Hatha Yoga once a week and studying to become a Yin Yoga teacher (also at Yoga Minds).
Leonie Burema
Teaching one time a week.

"I gained a deeper awareness of what yoga is. And this also enhanced my daily life."

Through the training, I gained a deeper understanding and perhaps more important, an awareness of what yoga is. Before joining the teacher's training, yoga was only a physical activity than I enjoyed; and now, it has become more of a mental/mind and physical activity. This newly founded awareness has also enhanced my daily life. I feel more patient, more tolerate towards the small and not-so small irritations that life brings. The training, has opened up my world. I like Svadhyaya, although at times, it can be challenging, the result(s) are positive. Before the training, I did little self inquiry, now, I am open to questioning myself, my motives for doing things. This is, and will be, an on-going life process. I see this as a maturing process.
Grace Solaiman
Teaching 10 classes a week.

'The diversity of the teachers ensures the training is super complete and inspirational."

I have been practicing yoga my whole life and wanted to deepen my practice, and thereby passing on my findings through teaching. Doing this I felt really secure and supported by the group. It is very comforting to be in a group where everybody is on a completely different path and at the same time on the same journey. The diversity of the teachers ensures the training is super complete and inspirational. The theory classes made it a lot easier for me to read the books and understand the philosophy, there is also room for questions. Practical classes are fun and a good learning platform before starting to teach your own group. For me the first-time teaching was definitely a big step but because the training is very complete I felt confident enough to do so. I still enjoy practicing at Yoga Minds myself and thereby learning more and more which I also use in my own classes. How lucky am I to be on an unending journey!
Nadine Krijnen
Teaching 6 classes a week.

YMA Dates 2023/2024

Time schedule

Friday - 19:00 - 22:00 hrs
Saturday - 13:15 - 19:00 hrs
Sunday - 13:15 - 19:00 hrs

Weekend 1

Friday - 22 September 2023
Saturday - 23 September 2023
Sunday - 24 September 2023

Weekend 2

Friday - 13 October 2023
Saturday - 14 October 2023
Sunday - 15 October 2023

Weekend 3

Friday - 17 November 2023
Saturday - 18 November 2023
Sunday - 19 November 2023

Weekend 4

Friday - 15 December 2023
Saturday - 16 December 2023
Sunday - 17 December 2023

Weekend 5

Friday - 19 January 2024
Saturday - 20 January 2024
Sunday - 21 January 2024

Weekend 6

Friday - 09 February 2024
Saturday - 10 February 2024
Sunday - 11 February 2024

Weekend 7

Friday - 22 March 2024
Saturday - 23 March 2024
Sunday - 24 March 2024

Weekend 8

Friday - 19 April 2024
Saturday - 20 April 2024
Sunday - 21 April 2024

Weekend 9

Friday - 24 May 2024
Saturday - 25 May 2024
Sunday - 26 May 2024

Weekend 10 - Exams


Saturday - 22 June 2024
13:00 - 19:00
Sunday - 23 June 2024
13:30 - 19:00


Friday - 21 June 2024
19:00 - 21:30

Diploma night 18:00 - 21:00

Friday - 5 July 2024

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