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The Yoga Minds Academy has been around for 6 years.

YMA Immersions.
Enriching your practice and teaching skills.

Are you curious?

Then join Anne in this “enrich your practice and teaching” serie. These series are meant for graduates of the Yoga Minds Academy who want to continue their journey of exploring themselves.

This serie consist of 4 meetings. We meet about once every two weeks on Saturdays from 16:00-17:30.

Our main focus will be to enrich the experience of our practice through exploring ourselves and learning to express what we find. And thus also learn to guide our students into enriching their experience of the practise through this exploration.

These explorations are anchored in (yet not limited too) human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. 

For who are these Immersions?

These immersions are for graduates of the YMA 300 hr training who are curious and want to continue their journey of self exploration. For graduates from another Teacher training and for those who want to enrich their experience of Yoga and anatomy.

Who is teaching ?

Anne is a 1000+ hr registered Yoga Teacher at the IYN Independent Yoga Network.In 2016 she finished the Advanced Yoga Anatomy training with Leslie Kaminoff and she participated in the Anatomy Trains in Motion course with Karin Gurtner. In 2017 she attended Leslie Kaminoff’s Advancing Therapeutic Education weekend in Germany. Anne holds a Bachelor Course Credit in both Anatomy & Physiology. In 2018 she took part in Dr. Thomas Myers Body Reading Masterclass. In 2019 she completed the course “What's the fuzz?” by Gil Hedley, Ph.D. In 2020 she completed Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s summer serie “Exploring the Embodiment of Cellular Consciousness through Movement”. Anne visited diverse spiritual teachers such as Sogyal Rinpoche, Amma, Jeff Foster, Daniel Odier and many more.  She occasionally writes yoga related articles for Yogi Times and Elephant Journal.

From 18-02-2019. Parking on the blue zone ( 2 hrs) on the Mr Troelstralaan 9 t/m 31or unlimted time with your license plate number upon arrival for €0,25 per hour.

YMA Immersions Dates 2021

Time schedule

Saturdays - 16:00 - 17:30


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€ 35,- per session
max 14 participants



Authentic teaching and teaching skills

Yoga Anatomy

Meditation through somatisation

Body Reading



Building a sequence

This training is for Yoga Teachers, those who are training to become yoga teachers and for yogis who want to deepen their practice and experience of yoga. At least one year of intensive yoga training is required to participate with these trainings. You need to have a good health and body awareness.

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